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George Nardello has molded his career in the music business with the same care, planning and creative insight that is evident in the total artistry of his playing!

The beginning of George’s career can be traced to New York’s and Philadelphia’s major recording companies such as RCA, Cameo Parkway and Chancellor as George was hired to provide the likes of ELVIS PRESLEY, CHUBBY CHECKER, CLAUDINE CLARK, FABIAN, FRANKIE AVALON and PATTI LaBELLE, with he lead, studio sax solos that were to assist their skyrocketing hits to monumental, unheard-of levels of success!

George Nardello with kids at St. Jude Memphis, TN
George Nardello with kids from at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee
We receive weekly many fund-raising projects where people want to sell tapes, books, and other items to benefit St. Jude Hospital. I must tell you that rarely do we receive any that us of the quality of yours, nor the inspiration your music provides. You obviously have outstanding musical talent. St. Jude Hospital would be proud to have its name associated with a product of your caliber.

In addition, I am impressed with your desire to help St. Jude Hospital in its work to find answers to catastrophic childhood diseases.

David L. McKee
Director, Regional Development
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Twice, George mounted the podium of Philadelphia’s Academy of Music as soloist and conductor with a thirty-five piece ensemble.

SELMER, the leading wind instrument manufacture, retained George as East Coast demonstrator, representing their electronic VARITONE sax.

At that time, George produced and directed the night dub act for EILEEN FULTON, (Lisa) star of the TV soap opera “AS THE WORLD TURNS”.
George solos the flute/clarinet/saxophone plus utilizes the revolutionary electronic wind instrument LYRICON, displaying the sensuous bassoon, oboe and french horn sounds featured with his PHILADELPHIA LUV ENSEMBLE.

George’s recording of “A WHITER SHADE OF PALE,” released by 20th Century Fox as a single, was not just another attempt to ‘cover’ this monster hit! Rather it was a lush and bold interpretation that hod more “bullets” than Machine-Gun Kelley!

Sacred Sax by George Nardello

An Inspirational Musical Tribute to His Holiness, Pope Francis

Now you can relax to the beautiful, calming, romantic pastoral music you loved in the past. In a thrilling presentation of gifted saxophone artistry, George Nardello performs a medley of the most popular inspirational songs ever written, entitled “Sacred Sax”.
Hear George Nardello’s soaring artistic interpretations of “Wind Beneath my Wings”, the inspiring “The Word is Love”, the title son “Sacred Sax”, a culmination of Nardello’s innate ability to compliment musical surroundings. And most importantly, his personal dedication to the unfailing generosity of spirit of Danny Thomas in the emotionally exciting “My Tribute”.


Pope Francis

George’s first album, which was released on ROULETTE and his subsequent concert tour of Europe, his 45 release “SHANGRI LA” on Gene Normans Crescendo label, and his recent five year contract with CBS on their Pavillion label, has opened international markets and outlets for this composer, arranger, conductor and virtuoso saxophonist.

The very sense of professionalism that dictates both the mellow, textured, lead oice of his sax, and the lay-back ‘scats’ (that weave their way in, and out; re-enforcing both the quality and the melodic strength of his playing) has directed George to many different recording outlets for his creative ability and understanding of successful, tasteful concept and composition.

NASA Gemini Patch
Inspired by the space flights of the “GEMINI” astronauts, George composed, and recorded “Space Flight”, which earned him the plaudits of NBC (which used his composition as the main theme for their eight day coverage of the mission).

Pure Sax by George Nardello

George Nardello’s studio recording credits stretch back a quarter-century to include artist as diverse as Elvis Presley, Patti LaBelle & Frankie Avalon. As an artist, he recorded Harlem Nocturne, theme to the Mike Hammer TV series; Ravel’s Bolero, from the movie “10” for CBS-Pavillion; Whiter Shade of Pale for 20th Century Fox; Shangri La for Gene Norman’s Crescendo label and a debut album, George Nardello for Roulette.


Pure Sax by George Nardello
  1. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 4:02
  2. Isn’t She Lovely 3:44
  3. Summer Time 4:59
  4. All I Wanna Do 4:45
  5. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? 5:47
  6. Chico and the Man 4:28
  7. Superman Theme 5:55
  8. Breathe Again 6:12
  9. Harlem Nocturne 4:34
  10. I’ll Make Love to You 3:49
  11. Dream, Dream Baby 4:11
  12. Live for Loving You 4:28


Nardello twice conducted at the Philadelphia Academy of Music and in 1987 and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Combs College of Music.
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