Pure Sax by George Nardello

Pure Sax by George Nardello

Pure Sax by George NardelloGeorge Nardello’s studio recording credits stretch back a quarter-century to include artist as diverse as Elvis Presley, Patti LaBelle & Frankie Avalon. As an artist, he recorded Harlem Nocturne, theme to the Mike Hammer TV series; Ravel’s Bolero, from the movie “10” for CBS-Pavillion; Whiter Shade of Pale for 20th Century Fox; Shangri La for Gene Norman’s Crescendo label and a debut album, George Nardello for Roulette.

Nardello twice conducted at the Philadelphia Academy of Music and in 1987, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Combs College of Music.

George Nardello has a style which can only be called his own. I’ve never heard anyone play with as much dedication to a song as George. He becomes totally wrapped up in not only the melody but also the whole lyrical sense of the song. When George interprets a song, you can hear the words as true as if they were being sung. His amazing technique allows him to effortlessly become a new voice, channeling the songwriter’s original vision.James Cheadle, Recording Production & keyboardist
George Nardello sent me a demo about 10 years ago that I promptly tossed in a pile. Hey, we all make mistakes. When I finally got a chance to listen during a long train ride to New York, I was so enveloped by George’s sound and feel that I forgot I was supposed to be critiquing him. ….. George’s lyrical alto, his large appealing sound and most importantly, his passion for the music is so obvious with each note that George plays. He’s a great friend, a great saxophonist, a great businessman and working on this project with him was a great joy. Enjoy!Bill Jolly, Producer, Arranger & Conductor

Track 1. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 4:02 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 2. Isn’t She Lovely 3:44 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 3. Summer Time 4:59 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 4. All I Wanna Do 4:45 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 5. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? 5:47 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 6. Chico and the Man 4:28 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 7. Superman Theme 5:55 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 8. Breathe Again 6:12 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 9. Harlem Nocturne 4:34 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 10. I’ll Make Love to You 3:49 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 11. Dream, Dream Baby 4:11 ==> Download Price: $.89

Track 12. Live for Loving You 4:28 ==> Download Price: $.89

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